Who We Are

Who We Are

Moser Design Group, Inc. is a residential design and new urbanist planning firm located in Beaufort, South Carolina, with a principle mission for design, the re-introduction of traditional settlement patterns, architecture, and building methodologies within the context of walkable mixed-use communities.

Beginning in 1992 with the pilot infill project of Newpoint in Beaufort, MDG embraced the principles of new urbanism and retooled to concentrate on providing affordable, context driven, traditional architecture for pedestrian-friendly communities. Along with introducing new designs, MDG continues to research and test new building and delivery methods. Specifically, the tectonics that replace the consumptive nature of throwaway buildings with more

Eric Moser


Founder and President Eric Moser hails from a rural Indiana farm family. He spent his early education years learning from generations of farmer-scientists, philosophers, and innovators who instilled a deep respect for the Agrarian way of life. Inspired, traditional vernacular quickly became Eric’s passion and discovered architecture to be his calling. After studying architecture at The University of Florida, Eric established Moser Design Group in 1986, catering to a custom residential design clientele in a resort setting. Although rewarding, Eric soon came to the belief that a complete re-thinking of community development and the metrics with which buildings themselves are measured and valued was paramount to creating meaningful and sustainable places.

Eric has designed many notable homes in new urbanist neighborhoods, including several Idea Homes for Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Cottage Living. He has served as Town Urbanist at Habersham since the project’s beginning and serves at other new urbanist neighborhoods as well. Eric is a frequent consultant across the United States, the Caribbean, and beyond, where he is involved with the planning and design for new and old towns, infill projects, hamlets, and neighborhoods. Eric has been a senior member of the New Urban Guild for over a decade and has collaborated with the most notable New Urbanists in many design charrettes over the years. He is also a co-owner and board member of Studio Sky.

Erik Petersen

Architectural Associate

Erik Petersen comes to us from New Jersey. At a young age, Erik grew up in a developing town as old farmlands began to be transformed into homes and neighborhoods. It was at this time that he cultivated an early interest in architecture while he watched new structures grow from the ground into homes. This interest was further developed in high school thanks to architectural drafting and design courses that cemented his passion and enthusiasm for architecture.

Erik joined Moser Design Group in 2018 is an architectural designer with a Bachelors & Masters degree in Architecture with an emphasis in new urbanism and traditional/classical vernacular building typologies. His previous work experience includes custom private residential, commercial, and civic architecture, as well as some custom furniture and light fixture design. Erik, being a native of New Jersey, had spent much of his recent years there rebuilding the Jersey Shore by designing and lifting homes due to the damage and aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Prior to moving to his new home in Beaufort, one of his most notable projects on the Jersey Shore was featured in an eight-part documentary created by the long-running home improvement series, “This Old House.”

Erik is eager to continue evolving his fondness of architecture in seeking out modern methods of revitalizing the craft of architecture. He is currently working towards attaining his professional licensure.